About Us

Rooted in the Pacific Northwest

In the heart of the Pacific Northwest, our story began over four decades ago. Our foundation was laid in the 1970's when a brick and mortar store, built on dedication and passion, began catering to the local paint shops. Over the years, we've not only built products but also relationships. Our local presence has flourished, and today, we're proud to have loyal customers from almost every state in the PNW. The commitment to quality and personal touch passed down from our grandfather, through our father, and now, onto the digital realm.

Pioneers In Auto Body Supplies

While we don't offer paints online, our expertise in paint auto body supplies is unmatched. From masking tape, fillers, epoxy, to abrasives, we've curated a selection that's been trusted by professionals for years. We're not just sellers; we're connoisseurs of brands like Norton, 3M, SEM, SATA, U-Pol, and Evercoat. Our in-depth understanding of industrial finishing ensures we provide products that resonate with the needs of both small and midsize auto body repair shops.

Expanding Horizons

Witnessing the evolving demands of the industry, we're paving a new road while keeping our core values intact. Our new online venture aims to expand our sales channels, leveraging our long-standing distributor relationships to offer competitive pricing. While this might seem like a new beginning, it's built on the same ethos of trust, quality, and customer-first approach. It's a distinct chapter in our journey, but one that remains rooted in years of industry success and cherished customer relationships.